Kaganovich, Lazar Moiseyevich

▪ Soviet official
born Nov. 10 [Nov. 22, New Style], 1893, Kabany, near Kiev, Ukraine, Russian Empire
died July 25, 1991, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R.

      Soviet Communist Party leader and supporter of Joseph Stalin (Stalin, Joseph).

      As a young Jewish shoemaker, Kaganovich became involved in the Bolshevik wing of the Russian Social Democratic Workers' Party (in 1911) and in 1920 was made head of the Soviet government of Tashkent. His success in consolidating Soviet rule in Turkestan (Turkistan) brought him to the attention of Stalin, who put him in charge of supervising the activities of local party organizations and, in 1924, of party patronage. Because his work in the latter capacity helped Stalin to defeat his political rivals and because he was a capable organizer and administrator, Kaganovich rose quickly in the party administration and by 1930 was a full member of the Politburo. He was one of the small group of Stalin's top advisers pushing for very high rates of collectivization after 1929. As head of the Moscow regional party organization (1930–35), he brought it firmly under Stalin's control. During this period he was also instrumental in the construction of the Moscow subway and the distribution of heavy farm equipment to shore up the failing collective system.

      Within the Politburo, Kaganovich and V.M. Molotov led the opposition to Sergey M. Kirov's (Kirov, Sergey Mironovich) proposed concessions to the peasantry and to his attempts to relax the harshness of Stalin's control. They formed the core of Stalin's “post-Purge” Politburo. From this time through the end of Stalin's administration, Kaganovich was largely responsible for the heavy industry in the Soviet Union. He was appointed people's commissar (i.e., minister) of transport (1935), heavy industry (1937), fuel industry (1939), and petroleum industry (1939). He became a deputy premier in 1938 and a member of Stalin's State Defense Committee in World War II. Kaganovich and the writer Ilya Ehrenburg were conspicuously spared in Stalin's postwar campaign of persecution against the Jews.

      Under Nikita Khrushchev (Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeyevich), Kaganovich was given largely administrative posts supervising industrial affairs. He opposed Khrushchev's de-Stalinization and joined the unsuccessful attempt to depose him (June 1957), as a result of which he lost all his government and party offices and was reportedly given a minor administrative post. In 1964 the Soviet government announced that Kaganovich had earlier been expelled from the party.

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