also spelled  Jwen-jwen, Jou-jan, Jeu-jen, or Geougen,  

      Central Asian people of historical importance. Because of the titles of their rulers, khan and khagan, scholars believe that the Juan-juan were Mongols or Mongol-speaking peoples. The empire of the Juan-juan lasted from the beginning of the 5th century AD to the middle of the 6th century, embracing a wide belt north of China from Manchuria to Turkistan. They were allies of the Hephthalite, or “White,” Huns and were in continuous conflict with the Wei dynasty of northern China. In 552 the Turkish tribes living within the empire rebelled and, in alliance with the Wei, destroyed the Juan-juan. Many scholars believe that the Avars, who appeared in Europe in about 558, were remnants of the Juan-juan.

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