Italo-Albanian Church

also called  Italo-greek Church, or Italo-greek-albanian Church,  

      an Eastern-rite member of the Roman Catholic communion, comprising the descendants of ancient Greek colonists in southern Italy and Sicily and 15th-century Albanian refugees from Ottoman rule. The Italo-Greeks were Byzantine-rite Catholics; but, after the Norman invasion of the 11th century, most of them were forcibly Latinized. Byzantine practices were partially restored with the coming of the Eastern-rite Albanian refugees, but the monasteries continued to decline, and by the 17th century the bishops were all Latin.

      Pope Benedict XIV's (Benedict XIV) pronouncements of 1742 (Esti Pastoralis) recognized the validity of the ancient Italo-Greek-Albanian rites and customs and allowed that members of the rite should be free from Latin coercion or interference in their traditional affairs. The Italo-Albanians, however, were not organized under their own bishops until 1919, in the diocese of Lungro (Calabria), Italy, and 1937, in the Sicilian diocese of Paina degli Albanesi. Although heavily influenced by Latin usages in their churches, calendar, and feast days, they have made some attempt to restore the purity of the Byzantine liturgical rites.

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