Huaylas Valley

Spanish  Callejón De Huaylas, 

      valley along the upper Santa River in Ancash department, west-central Peru. Overlooking the valley to the west is the snowless Cordillera Negra (Negra, Cordillera), with peaks rising to 17,000 feet (5,200 m); and to the east is the spectacular, snowcapped Cordillera Blanca, containing many of Peru's highest mountains, including Mount Huascarán.

      A mountain setting, cool climate, and picturesque villages make the Huaylas Valley a major tourist area. Most inhabitants are subsistence farmers who cultivate potatoes and barley at higher elevations and corn (maize) and alfalfa at lower altitudes. There are silver, lead, and copper mines. Settlements include the cities of Huaraz, Yungay, and Caraz. Two roads cross the Cordillera Negra to the Pacific Ocean. The Huaylas Valley bore the brunt of a devastating earthquake and resulting landslides in 1970. Many towns were destroyed, and tens of thousands of people perished.

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