▪ Chinese drama
Chinese“word drama”Wade-Giles romanization  hua-chü 

      form of Chinese drama featuring realistic spoken dialogue rather than the sung poetic dialogue of the traditional Chinese dramatic forms.

      Huaju was developed in the early 20th century by intellectuals who wanted to replace the traditional Chinese forms with Western-style drama. The first full-length play of this kind was an adaptation of Lin Shu's Heinu yutianlu (1901; “The Black Slave Cries Out to Heaven”), itself a version of Uncle Tom's Cabin; it was produced by a group of Chinese students in Japan in 1907. At first the huaju plays consisted exclusively of translations or adaptations of Western works intended for the appreciation of Western-educated intellectuals, but the appeal of the form was later broadened through the efforts of some traveling dramatic troupes, which were mostly led by the new huaju writers, such as Ouyang Yuqian, Hong Shen, and Tian Han. Among them Cao Yu was commonly considered the best in the 1930s and 1940s. Cao's four-act tragedy Leiyu (1934; Thunderstorm) marked the high point of huaju in both creation and performance.

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