Head, Bessie Emery

▪ South African novelist
born July 6, 1937, Pietermaritzburg, S.Af.
died April 17, 1986, Serowe, Botswana

      African writer who described the contradictions and shortcomings of pre- and postcolonial African society in morally didactic novels and stories.

      Head was born of an illegal union between her white mother (who was placed in a mental asylum during her pregnancy) and black father (who then mysteriously disappeared). She suffered rejection and alienation at an early age. After moving from foster parents to an orphanage school to an early marriage, she abandoned her homeland, her teaching job, and her husband and took her small son to Botswana, seeking personal asylum and tranquility in simple village life.

      Head's novels evolved from an objective, affirmative narrative of an exile finding new meaning in his adopted village in When Rain Clouds Gather (1969) to a more introspective account of the acceptance won by a light-coloured San (Bushman) woman in a black-dominated African society in Maru (1971). A Question of Power (1973) is a frankly autobiographical account of disorientation and paranoia in which the heroine survives by sheer force of will. The Collector of Treasures (1977), a volume of short fiction, includes brief vignettes of traditional Botswanan village life, macabre tales of witchcraft, and passionate attacks on African male chauvinism.

      Head said that literature must be a reflection of daily encounters with undistinguished people. Her works reveal empathy with children, with women treated as “dead things” in South Africa, and with idealistic planners who meet indifference and greed at the marketplace.

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