Halsted, William Stewart

▪ American surgeon

born Sept. 23, 1852, New York, N.Y., U.S.
died Sept. 7, 1922, Baltimore, Md.
 American pioneer of scientific surgery who established at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, the first surgical school in the United States.

      After graduating in 1877 from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, Halsted studied for two years in Europe, mainly in Vienna, under the noted German surgeon Theodor Billroth. Returning to New York, Halsted quickly built a successful practice that demanded his services at six hospitals. In 1881, he discovered that blood, once aerated, could be reinfused into a patient's body.

      By self-experimentation he developed (1885) conduction, or block, anesthesia (the production of insensibility of a part by interrupting the conduction of a sensory nerve leading to that region of the body), brought about by injecting cocaine into nerve trunks. He fell into a drug addiction that required two years to cure. Halsted continued his research at Johns Hopkins, where he developed original operations for hernia, breast cancer, goitre, aneurysms, and intestinal and gallbladder diseases.

      An early champion of aseptic procedures, Halsted introduced (1890) the use of thin rubber gloves that do not impede the delicate touch demanded by surgery. By ensuring completely sterile conditions in the operating room, Halsted's gloves allowed surgical access to all parts of the body. His emphasis on the maintenance of complete homeostasis, or balanced body metabolism, during surgical operations, gentleness in handling living tissue, accurate realignment of severed tissues, and his creation of hospital residencies in training surgeons did much to advance surgery in the United States.

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