Great Northern Expedition

▪ Russian exploration
      (1733–42), in Russian history, the continuation of an enterprise initially conceived by the emperor Peter I the Great to map the northern sea route to the East. The expedition mapped a large section of the Arctic coast of Siberia and stimulated Siberian merchants to develop fur trading on islands near Alaska. It was sponsored by the admiralty college in St. Petersburg. The planner of the expedition, Captain Vitus Bering (Bering, Vitus), a Dane serving in the Russian navy, crossed the North Pacific and landed on the coast of Alaska (1741). Captain A.I. Chirikov (Chirikov, Aleksey Ilich), commanding another ship in the expedition, reached some islands off the Alaskan coast. Lieutenant S.I. Chelyuskin reached the cape named after him, the northernmost point of the Siberian mainland, and the cousins Khariton and Dmitry Laptev charted the Siberian coast from the Taymyr Peninsula to the Kolyma River.

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