Great Escarpment

▪ mountains, Africa
      plateau edge of southern Africa that separates the region's highland interior plateau from the fairly narrow coastal strip. It lies predominantly within the Republic of South Africa and Lesotho but extends northeastward into eastern Zimbabwe (where it separates much of that country from Mozambique) and northwestward into Namibia and Angola (where it separates the central plateaus of those countries from their arid coastal plains). The Great Escarpment has generally been formed by the headwater erosion of rivers of the coastal plain. The escarpment is sharply defined or rather indistinct depending on whether the plateau edge rocks are hard-overlying-soft or are of undifferentiated hardness. The boldest part of the escarpment is in a section of the Drakensberg along the border of Lesotho and KwaZulu/Natal province, South Africa, where basalt lavas distinctly overlie soft sandstones.

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