Gisulph II

▪ prince of Salerno
Italian  Gisulfo  
born c. 1040
died after 1089

      prince of Salerno, the last important Lombard ruler to oppose the Norman conquest of southern Italy; his defeat marked the end of effective resistance to the Normans.

      In 1052 Gisulph's father, Gaimar V, was assassinated in a revolt. Gisulph, held captive by the assassins, was rescued with the aid of Norman knights, who were rewarded by recognition of their territorial acquisitions. In 1058 the Norman lord Robert Guiscard effected an uneasy reconciliation with Gisulph by marrying his sister, and the following year Pope Nicholas II made Robert duke of Apulia and Calabria.

      In 1062, to stave off the growing Norman threat, an attempt was made to form an anti-Norman league, and Gisulph went to Constantinople to negotiate with the Byzantine emperor. When a rebellion of his uncle Guy of Sorrento, in support of the Normans, put an end to the project, Gisulph in frustration launched pirate warfare against neighbouring Amalfi. In 1072 Gisulph joined the Norman leader Richard of Aversa in an insurrection against Robert Guiscard, who was occupied in Sicily. Robert returned to the mainland, however, and put down the rebellion.

      Two years later a new pope, Gregory VII, tried again to form an anti-Norman league. The allies met at Monte Cassino, but the conference was broken up by the Pisan contingent, which rioted against Gisulph, whose piracy and harsh treatment of prisoners were notorious.

      In May 1076 the Normans blockaded Salerno, which yielded in December; Gisulph and a few followers held out in the citadel until the following May. In 1088, after Robert Guiscard's death, Amalfi rose against the Normans and acclaimed Gisulph their doge, but his reign lasted only a year, his name thereupon disappearing from history.

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