Ethical Policy

▪ Dutch history
      in Indonesian history, a program introduced by the Dutch in the East Indies at the turn of the 20th century aimed at promoting the welfare of the indigenous Indonesians (Javanese). Toward the end of the 19th century, leaders of the ethical movement argued that The Netherlands had acquired huge revenues from Indonesians by means of compulsory labour under the Cultuurstelsel, or Culture System, and that the time had come for the Dutch to pay “the debt of honour” to the Indonesian people by promoting reforms in education and agriculture and by decentralizing the Indies administration, providing more autonomy for Indonesian officials. This policy led to the development of a Dutch school system in the Indies and a further penetration of the Western economic system in the rural areas. Rapid social change took place in the Indies. Social dislocation eventually manifested itself in the form of unrest, which caused the Dutch authorities to reconsider the Ethical Policy program. The Governor General in about 1925 began to discontinue the policy, but its total abolition took place only after the 1926–27 Indonesian Communist Uprisings.

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