energy state

also called  Energy Level,  

      in physics, any discrete value from a set of values of total energy for a subatomic particle confined by a force to a limited space or for a system of such particles, such as an atom or a nucleus. A particular hydrogen atom, for example, may exist in any of several configurations, each having a different energy. These energy states, in their essentials, remain fixed and are referred to as stationary states.

      The state of a hydrogen atom, or any submicroscopic system, however, may change from one configuration to another by emitting or absorbing a discrete amount of energy. Such configurations are also called energy levels; the atom, or system, is said to undergo a transition between two energy levels when it emits or absorbs energy. The lowest energy level of a system is called its ground state; higher energy levels are called excited states. See also Franck-Hertz experiment.

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