Emmerick, Blessed Anna Katharina

▪ German nun
Anne Catherine Emmerich 
born September 8, 1774, Flamsche, Westphalia (now in Germany)
died February 9, 1824, Dülmen; beatified October 3, 2004

      German nun and mystic whose visions were recorded in The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ (1833), by the German Romantic writer Clemens Brentano (Brentano, Clemens).

      Emmerick was the fifth of nine children born to a farming family. From her earliest years she demonstrated religious devotion and the desire for a life of prayer. Her work on the family farm, however, afforded her little opportunity to learn to read and write, and her attempts to join a religious community were largely unsuccessful because of her family's poverty. Emmerick's failure to learn to play the organ undermined her admission to the Poor Clares (Poor Clare), a Franciscan order in Münster. Finally, in 1802, she entered the Augustinian community at Agnetenberg, but her poverty and intense devotion alienated her from the other nuns. In 1811 the convent was suppressed by order of Napoleon (Napoleon I) as part of his secularization of church property, and Emmerick was taken in as a housekeeper for a priest in Dülmen. Long suffering from illness and in great pain, she became bedridden in 1813 and remained so until her death 11 years later; her only nourishment during this time was the communion wafer. She soon received the stigmata and began to experience mystical visions of the Virgin Mary (Mary) and, especially, of the sufferings and Passion of Jesus (Jesus Christ). Her experiences became widely known, and her visions were recorded and published by Brentano, who stayed with her from 1818 until her death.

      Emmerick's reputation varied. During the rest of the 19th century, stories of her life and visions spread throughout Germany, Italy, and France, and followers in her diocese encouraged her beatification, which was begun in 1892. The process was cut short in the 1920s, however, because of the prevailing opinion that evidence of her visions owed more to Brentano than to her. This view changed over time, and efforts to beatify Emmerick were revived under Pope Paul VI in the 1970s; she was finally beatified in 2004 by Pope John Paul II, who emphasized her suffering—especially the stigmata—and her generosity. Her visions, as recorded by Brentano, were cited as an inspiration for the controversial and highly successful film The Passion of the Christ (2004).

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