Edgehill, Battle of

▪ English history
      (Oct. 23, 1642), first battle of the English Civil Wars, in which forces loyal to the English Parliament, commanded by Robert Devereux, 3rd earl of Essex (Essex, Robert Devereux, 3rd earl of, Viscount Hereford Lord Ferrers, Lord Bourchier), fatally delayed Charles I's march on London.

      The Battle of Edgehill took place in open country between Banbury and Warwick. The royal army, under Charles I's personal command, marched southeast toward London, which was garrisoned by parliamentary troops. The Earl of Essex hastened to its relief with the main parliamentary army. On the night of October 22–23, the two nearly even forces discovered that they lay only a few miles apart, and the following day they drew up in battle order. However, since most of the soldiers were raw recruits, this took several hours—action did not begin until about 2 PM. After an hour's exchange of artillery fire, the royal cavalry, led by Charles's nephew Prince Rupert (Rupert, Prince), launched a powerful attack that drove the opposing horse from the field. In a pattern repeated in later battles, Rupert's pursuit continued too long, allowing Essex's superior infantry to drive back the Royalists. The return of Rupert and some of his men just before dark stabilized the situation, and the two sides disengaged. Of some 26,000 men involved in the battle, approximately 1,000 died and 2,000 more were injured.

      Both armies slept in the open, despite a hard frost and no food, and the next day again drew up in battle order; but neither possessed the strength (or, perhaps, the stamina) to fight. On October 25, two days after the battle, the king resumed his march on London, but he decided to take Banbury—his initial objective—and Brentford first. This allowed Essex to reach London and organize a defensive shield against the Royalist advance. Reinforced by the London militia, Essex drew up his forces in battle order again at Turnham Green on November 13. Outnumbered two to one, and with winter approaching, Charles withdrew and established his capital at Oxford. He had just lost his best chance of nipping the Great Rebellion in the bud.

N. Geoffrey Parker

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