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      primitive herbivorous relative of mammals that is found in fossil deposits dating from Late Carboniferous (Carboniferous Period) to the Early Permian (Permian Period) periods (318 million to 271 million years ago).

      Edaphosaurus was more than 3.5 metres (11.5 feet) long, with a short, low skull and blunt conical teeth. The head was very small in comparison with the massive barrel-like body. More distinctive, however, was the large “sail” on its back formed by elongated vertebral arches; the arches were probably connected by a membrane that had bony knobs or crossbars along its length. The sail may have functioned in thermoregulation and also may have served as a storehouse for phosphates (phosphate), which could be easily mobilized from the bony projections supporting the sail. The sail also may have had a defensive function, giving the animal a larger and more imposing appearance to predators.

      A similar sail evolved independently in Dimetrodon. Although Dimetrodon was a voracious predator distantly related to Edaphosaurus, both creatures were pelycosaurs. Members of Pelycosauria were neither dinosaurs nor reptiles, but some may have given rise to the therapsids (therapsid), a group that includes the class Mammalia (mammal).

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