Dehmelt, Hans Georg

Dehmelt, Hans Georg

▪ American physicist
born September 9, 1922, Görlitz, Germany

      German-born American physicist who shared one-half of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1989 with the German physicist Wolfgang Paul. (The other half of the prize was awarded to the American physicist Norman F. Ramsey.) Dehmelt received his share of the prize for his development of the Penning trap, an electromagnetic device that can hold small numbers of ions (electrically charged atoms) and electrons for periods of time long enough to allow their properties to be studied with unprecedented accuracy.

      Dehmelt served in the German army from 1940 until he was captured by U.S. forces in 1945. Having studied physics during the war under an army technical program, he resumed his studies thereafter at the University of Göttingen, graduating with a doctoral degree in physics in 1950. He went to the United States in 1952 and began teaching at the University of Washington in 1955. He became a full professor there in 1961, the year in which he also became a U.S. citizen.

      Dehmelt's Penning trap, which he developed in 1955, can confine electrons (electron) and ions in a small space for long periods of time in relative isolation. In 1973 Dehmelt used his device to isolate a single electron for observation, an unprecedented feat that opened the way for the precise measurement of key properties of electrons. Dehmelt and his colleagues went on to develop methods for measuring atomic frequencies and individual quantum jumps (the transitions between atomic energy levels) with unprecedented precision. In the 1970s Dehmelt used his trap to measure an electron's magnetic moment to an accuracy of four parts in a trillion, the most precise measurement of that quantity at the time. He was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1995.

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