Dâmrei Mountains

▪ mountains, Cambodia
Khmer  Chuŏr Phnum Dâmrei , formerly  Elephant Mountains , French  Chaîne de l'Éléphant 

      north-south-trending range of high hills, an offshoot of the Krâvanh Mountains, southwestern Cambodia. Extending 70 miles (110 km) north from the Gulf of Thailand, they reach a high point in the Bok Koŭ ridge at Mount Bokor (3,547 feet [1,081 m]). The densely wooded hills receive rainfall of 150–200 inches (3,800–5,000 mm) annually on their western slopes (which are subject to southwest monsoons) but only 40–60 inches (1,020–1,520 mm) on their eastern, or rain shadow, slopes. The Dâmrei Mountains were, until 1975, the principal centre of Cambodia's pepper-growing industry, which has revived slowly since the late 1990s.

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