cutis laxa

      rare disorder in which the skin hangs in loose folds. The cause of cutis laxa is unknown, but the defect appears to be an abnormality in the formation or structure of the protein elastin, the principal component of the elastic connective tissues of the skin; as a result, degenerative changes occur in the elastic fibres. There are several forms of the disorder, which are separable into inherited and acquired varieties. In the inherited variety, manifestations may include a characteristically hooked nose, with nostrils opening outward, and a long upper lip. Other complications may include diverticula (diverticulum) (abnormal pouches or pockets in the walls) of the gastrointestinal tract and bladder, hernias (hernia) of the diaphragm or the abdominal wall, lung complications, and rectal and vaginal prolapse (falling from a normal position). Cosmetic surgery may be helpful in improving the appearance of those afflicted with the inherited form of the disease.

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