member of a nomadic Turkish people, comprising the western branch of the Kipchak confederation until the Mongol invasion (1237) forced them to seek asylum in Hungary. During the 12th century the Cumans acted as auxiliary troops for the Russian princes and in that capacity clashed with Hungarian expeditionary forces; but, by the beginning of the 13th century, they had become more aggressive and launched their own raids into southeastern Transylvania. Soon afterward the Cuman prince Barc and 15,000 of his people were baptized (1227). The first bishopric of Cumania was established in 1228, and King Béla IV of Hungary assumed the title “king of Cumania.” In 1239 he granted asylum to the Cumans and their prince Kuthen, who had earlier tried unsuccessfully to organize Russian resistance to the Mongols. Just before the Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1240–41, however, Kuthen, who was considered a dangerous alien, was murdered; the Cumans left Hungary but were resettled there by Béla in 1245. Béla's son, the future Stephen V, married a Cuman princess, and, under the rule of their son ( Ladislas IV [László]; 1272–90), Cuman influence in Hungarian affairs was great. Nevertheless, the Cumans did not become completely assimilated into Hungarian society for centuries.

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