Constantine III

▪ Byzantine emperor
also called  Heraclius Constantine  
born May 3, 612
died April or May, 641

      Byzantine emperor from January to April or May 641. He was coemperor with his father, Heraclius, from 613 and with his brother Heraclonas from 638. During his reign, court intrigues nearly led to civil war, which was prevented by his death. It was rumoured that he was poisoned by order of his stepmother, but he may have died of tuberculosis.

▪ king of Scotland

died 997
 king of the Scots (995–997), who succeeded to the crown after the murder of his cousin, Kenneth II, son of Malcolm I. After a brief reign of two years he was himself killed, perhaps by an illegitimate son (named Kenneth) of Malcolm I or by his successor, Kenneth III.

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