▪ king of Hungary
also spelled  Koloman,  byname  Coloman The Possessor Of Books,  Hungarian  Könyves Kálmán 
born c. 1070
died Feb. 3, 1116

      king of Hungary from 1095 who pursued expansionist policies and stabilized and improved the internal order of Hungary.

      Coloman was the natural son of King Géza I by a Greek concubine. King Ladislas (László), his uncle, would have made him a monk, but Coloman refused and eventually escaped to Poland. On Ladislas' death (1095), Coloman returned to Hungary and seized the crown. His legitimately born half brother, Álmos, continued to plot against the usurpation until 1113, when Coloman imprisoned him and his infant son, Béla, and had them blinded.

      Though his accession to the throne was irregular, Coloman was a wise and just ruler. He permitted the crusaders, under Godfrey of Bouillon, to cross his territory, and he won considerable fame throughout Europe for this diplomatic gesture. He continued his predecessor's policy of trying to secure a seaboard for Hungary. In 1097 he made good Hungary's claim to Croatia by overthrowing King Petar Svačić, the king of Croatia, and by 1102 Coloman controlled the greater part of Dalmatia, though this latter acquisition brought him into conflict with other major powers interested in the fate of that province.

      It was as a legislator and administrator, however, that Coloman was greatest. He was not only one of the most learned sovereigns of the early Middle Ages (hence his byname) but was also one of the most statesmanlike. Under him the feudal system was consolidated in Hungary, and strict but just laws were passed to preserve the state, the church, the central government, and private property and to strengthen the economic and military position of Hungary. He is noted particularly for enacting a law forbidding trials of witches, whose existence he denied.

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