Clark, Kenneth Mackenzie Clark, Baron

▪ British art historian
also called  (1938–69) Sir Kenneth Clark  
born July 10, 1903, London, Eng.
died May 21, 1983, Hythe, Kent

      British art historian who was a leading authority on Italian Renaissance art.

      Clark was born to an affluent family. He was educated at Winchester and Trinity colleges, Oxford, but his education really began when he spent two years in Florence studying under Bernard Berenson, considered the foremost art critic of his time.

      Clark returned to England and for most of his life engaged in both academic research and public service. He served as director of the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford (1931–34) and then as director of the National Gallery, London (1934–45). In 1934 he was also appointed surveyor of the King's Pictures. From 1953 to 1960 he was chairman of the Arts Council of Great Britain, and from 1954 to 1957 he also served as the first chairman of the Independent Television Authority, which impressed upon him the potential of the mass media for exposing the general public to great art. He was Slade professor of fine art at Oxford (1946–50, 1961–62).

      Clark had already established himself as an elegant, accomplished writer and lecturer on a range of artistic and cultural subjects when he wrote and narrated a series, Civilisation, for BBC television in 1969. This series, a sweeping panorama of European art from the Dark Ages to the 20th century, made Clark internationally known. While the series demonstrated Clark's erudition, enthusiasm, and talent as a communicator, it was criticized by some art historians for its rather facile treatment of the subject.

      Clark wrote a number of books on art. His first work was The Gothic Revival (1928). In 1935 he wrote a monograph on Leonardo da Vinci's drawings that, as Leonardo da Vinci (1939), is generally considered his most scholarly and penetrating work. His Landscape into Art (1949) and The Nude (1955) were critically well received and did much to encourage popular appreciation of painting. He wrote Civilisation (1969) as a companion to and summation of his television series. He also published two volumes of autobiography, Another Part of the Wood (1974) and The Other Half (1977).

      Clark was made a Knight Commander of the Bath (1938), a Companion of Honour (1959), and in 1969 a life peer. He received the Order of Merit in 1976.

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