▪ Protestant religious group
Greek“Brother of Christ”

      member of a Christian group founded about 1848 by John Thomas, who, after studying medicine in London, emigrated to Brooklyn, New York. He at first joined the followers of Thomas and Alexander Campbell, founders of the Disciples of Christ (Christians), but eventually he began preaching independently, largely applying Hebrew prophecy and the book of Revelation to current and future events. Both in the United States and in Great Britain he gathered a number of adherents. The name Christadelphian was adopted during the American Civil War (1861–65), when the followers of Thomas organized formally to justify their objection to military service.

      The local organization, called an ecclesia, is the principal unit of government in the group; there is no general overall organization, and no distinction is made between clergy and laity. Ruling or serving brethren are elected and minister without compensation. Generally, an ecclesia does not have a building but meets in a rented hall or private home. Annual fraternal gatherings are held for fellowship and Bible study.

      The Bible is the only authoritative rule of faith, and membership in the group requires a profession of faith and baptism by immersion. Orthodox views of the Trinity are rejected, and the theology is strongly millennialist.

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