Choltitz, Dietrich von

▪ German military officer
born November 9, 1894, Neustadt, Germany [now Prudnik, Poland]
died November 4, 1966, Baden-Baden, West Germany
 German army officer who was the last commander of Nazi-occupied Paris in World War II.

      Choltitz was a professional officer in the German army from 1914. He served in the invasion of Poland in 1939, the invasion of France in 1940, and the siege of Sevastopol (1941–42). After serving as commander of a panzer (armoured) corps on the Eastern Front (1943–44), he was transferred in June 1944 to France, where his corps was ordered to hold the Cotentin Peninsula after the Normandy Invasion. On August 7 Choltitz, having failed to stop the breakout of American forces into Brittany, was appointed military commander of the French capital city of Paris, German control of which was being threatened by the approaching Allied armies. Choltitz's orders, originating with Adolf Hitler (Hitler, Adolf) himself, were to destroy bridges, major buildings, and other key facilities in the city rather than let it fall into Allied hands undamaged. Recognizing the military futility of these orders and repelled by their barbarity, Choltitz instead agreed to a truce with French Resistance forces in the city and handed over Paris unscathed to General Jacques-Philippe Leclerc (Leclerc, Jacques-Philippe) on August 25, 1944.

      Choltitz was held in a prisoner-of-war camp in the United States until 1947, whereupon he returned to Germany. Snubbed by fellow former officers, he wrote a book, Brennt Paris? (1951), in which he defended his disobedience of a leader who, he felt, had gone mad. His book was the principal source for a best-selling popularization, Is Paris Burning? (1965), by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre.

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