Chŏlla, South

Korean  Chŏlla-namdo 

      do (province), extreme southwestern South Korea. It is bounded north by North Chŏlla province, east by South Kyŏngsang province, south by Cheju Strait, and west by the Yellow Sea. Its coastline, including nearly 2,000 islands, of which three-fourths are uninhabited, is about 3,800 miles (6,100 km) long and represents one-third of the country's total. Its marine products lead the country, particularly the cultivation of laver (seaweed) and oyster; its shrimp and mackerel are also prized.

      Although the province is partly mountainous, its plains spread out along the Sŏmjin, Yŏngsan, and Tamjin rivers, making it the largest granary in the country. The plains receive abundant rainfall, exceeding 47 inches (1,200 mm) per year, and the province has the warmest weather in Korea. The fertile land and the favourable climate make possible the production of large quantities of rice, wheat, barley, pulses, potatoes, and vegetables. Cotton, fruits, and bamboo are also grown. Cattle breeding has been carried on in several hilly districts since the late 1960s. Some coal and gold are mined in the province, and industries have been developed. Kwangju is the provincial capital. Area 4,648 square miles (12,037 square km). Pop. (2002 est.) 2,059,621.

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