North American Indian tribe of the Macro-Algonquian linguistic phylum. Their estimated population in 1650 was 3,000; at that time one of the most powerful tribes on the northern Gulf of Mexico coast (west of what is now Florida), they inhabited the area around Grand Lake in what is now southern Louisiana. The Chitimacha linguistic group also included the Washa and Chawasha tribes.

      Traditionally, the Chitimacha were sun worshipers who reinterred the bones of their dead and practiced ritual head deformation. The men used nose ornaments, wore their hair long, and tattooed their arms, legs, and faces. Their dwellings were the cabinlike structures common to many of the southeastern tribes. The Chitimacha were particularly noted for the skill of their basket (basketry) weaving, employing a “double-weave” technique resulting in different designs on two surfaces. They subsisted on corn (maize), beans, and squash; wild fruits and berries; deer and bear; and many varieties of fish.

      Early in the 18th century the Chitimacha went to war with the French for 12 years. The French prevailed, with the result that French slaves in the early days of the Louisiana colony were mostly Chitimacha. In 1781 the Chitimacha were assigned a place near present-day Plaquemine for settlement. By 1881 the surviving Chitimacha were living near Charenton, on Grand Lake in Louisiana. Chitimacha descendants numbered more than 1,800 in the early 21st century.

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