Carian language

      an extinct Anatolian language (Anatolian languages) once spoken in Caria, an ancient district of southwest Anatolia. Most evidence for the language comes from Egypt, where Carian mercenaries in the service of the pharaohs from the 7th to 5th centuries BCE left behind more than a hundred tomb inscriptions and numerous instances of graffiti. Caria itself has yielded a limited number of texts, dated roughly to the 6th through 4th centuries.

      The Carian script defied analysis until 1981, when Egyptologist John Ray successfully exploited Carian-Egyptian bilingual tomb inscriptions to put decipherment on a sound basis. Subsequent analysis has confirmed the basic validity of Ray's work, but many questions remain. The long-held suspicion that Carian is an Indo-European language (Indo-European languages) of the Anatolian group has at least been confirmed by the appearance of such features as an -s suffix forming patronymics (patronymic) and the relative pronoun xi.

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