butterfly fish

 any of the approximately 115 species of small, quick-moving marine fishes in the family Chaetodontidae (order Perciformes). Butterfly fishes are found among tropical reefs around the world but are concentrated in the Indo-Pacific oceanic region. Butterfly fishes are deep-bodied and thin from side to side, with a single dorsal fin and a small mouth with tiny, bristlelike teeth. The jaws are sometimes drawn out into a relatively long snout, as in the longnose butterfly fish (Chelmon rostratus) of the Indo-Pacific and the longsnout butterfly fish (Prognathodes aculeatus) of the Atlantic. Most species have strong, prominent spines on the front portions of their dorsal fins.

      Butterfly fishes are small, seldom exceeding a length of about 20 cm (8 inches). They move about with a flitting, darting motion and are very brightly coloured. Black and shades of yellow predominate, and markings are often in the form of dark bands and one or more large spots (ocelli) on the dorsal or posterior region that may serve to confuse predators. Butterfly fishes usually frequent shallow inshore waters, where they feed on a variety of crustaceans and on coral polyps.

 The family contains 10 genera, with the genus Chaetodon alone accounting for almost 90 species. Among them are the foureye butterfly fish (Chaetodon capistratus; see photograph—>), a common West Indian species with a white-ringed, black ocellus near its tail; the spotfin butterfly fish (C. ocellatus), a western Atlantic species with yellow fins and a dark spot at the base of its dorsal fin; and the pennant coralfish, or feather-fin bull fish (Heniochus acuminatus), a black-and-white striped Indo-Pacific species with a very long spine in its dorsal fin.

      Angelfishes (angelfish) (family Pomacanthidae) are closely related to butterfly fishes and are sometimes placed within the family Chaetodontidae; in this context they constitute the subfamily Pomacanthinae.

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