Broughton, Jack

▪ British athlete
byname of  John Broughton  
born c. 1704
died Jan. 8, 1789, London

      third heavyweight boxing champion of England, formulator of the first set of boxing rules, and inventor of mufflers, the precursors of modern boxing gloves.

      Originally a longshoreman, Broughton gained recognition as champion at an uncertain date after defeating Tom Pipes and Bill Gretting. He secured the patronage of William Augustus, duke of Cumberland (suppressor of the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745–46), who lost interest in him after his defeat by Jack Slack, April 10, 1750. Broughton taught boxing and operated a boxing arena in Hanway Street, London, from 1742 until his death. The rules of pugilism that he prepared in 1743 remained in effect until their supersession by the London Prize Ring Rules in 1838.

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