Belon, Pierre

▪ French naturalist
born 1517, near Le Mans, France
died April 1564, Paris
 French naturalist whose discussion of dolphin embryos and systematic comparisons of the skeletons of birds and humans mark the beginnings of modern embryology and comparative anatomy.

      Belon studied botany at the University of Wittenberg (1540) and, under the patronage of François, Cardinal de Tournon, embarked on a tour of eastern Mediterranean countries (1546–48) in order to identify animals, plants, places, and objects described by ancient writers. In the resulting work, Les Observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses mémorables . . . (1553; “Observations of Several Curiosities and Memorable Objects . . .”), he described many animals, plants, drugs, customs, arts, and ruins previously unknown to Europeans and established an itinerary followed by scientific travelers for nearly three centuries afterward.

      Although based on the taxonomy of Aristotle, Belon's L'histoire naturelle des éstranges poissons marins (1551; “Natural History of Unusual Marine Fishes”), much of which is devoted to a discussion of the dolphin, and L'histoire de la nature des oyseaux (1555; “Natural History of Birds”), illustrating, classifying, and describing about 200 species, include original observations and concepts that made a deep impression on contemporary and later science. Belon was murdered by unknown assailants in the Bois de Boulogne.

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