Aquino, Benigno Simeon, Jr.

▪ Filipino politician
byname  Ninoy  
born Nov. 27, 1932, Tarlac, Phil.
died Aug. 21, 1983, Manila

      the chief opposition leader during the era of martial law in the Philippines (1972–81) under President Ferdinand E. Marcos (Marcos, Ferdinand E.). Aquino's assassination in 1983 galvanized popular opposition to the Marcos government and brought his widow, Corazon, to the political forefront.

      The grandson of a Philippine general and the son of a well-known politician and landowner, Aquino began his career as a journalist and then was elected mayor of Concepción in 1955, vice-governor of Tarlac province in 1959, governor of Tarlac province in 1961, Philippine senator in 1967, and national leader of the Liberal Party in 1968. Meanwhile, he had become wealthy through his marriage (1955) to the daughter of one of the largest landowners and manufacturers in the country.

      Ostensibly planning to run for president in 1973, Aquino was thwarted in 1972 when President Marcos declared martial law; he spent the next eight years in prison, being sentenced to death in November 1977. In 1980 Marcos commuted the death sentence and allowed Aquino to go to the United States for heart-bypass surgery. Aquino remained there with his family for three years, receiving research grants from Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Two years after martial law was lifted in the Philippines, he flew home, intending to campaign in promised elections. He was shot in the head while leaving the airplane at Manila Airport under security guard.

      Aquino's death sparked widespread demonstrations charging government complicity in the act. An independent commission concluded in October 1984 that a military conspiracy led by the Philippine armed forces chief of staff, General Fabian C. Ver, was responsible for the assassination. Ver and 25 other suspected participants in the plot were acquitted of these charges by three Marcos-appointed judges in 1985.

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