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 the amaranth family of flowering plants in the order Caryophyllales, with about 60 genera and more than 800 species of herbs, with a few shrubs, trees, and vines, native to tropical America and Africa. The leaves of members of the family usually have nonindented edges. Flowers may be male or female or contain both types of reproductive structures; several leaflike bracts are present below each flower; and the fruit may be a capsule, utricle, nutlet, drupe, or berry. Species of globe amaranth (Gomphrena) and cockscomb (Celosia) are cultivated as ornamentals; the genera Alternanthera and Iresine each have several species that are cultivated as bedding plants for their attractive and colourful leaves. The genus Amaranthus contains about 60 species of herbs, including the ornamentals love-lies-bleeding, or Inca wheat (A. caudatus), prince's feather (A. hybridus), and Joseph's-coat (A. tricolor), and many weedy plants known as pigweed, especially A. retroflexus. Prostrate pigweed (A. graecizans) and white pigweed (A. albus) are common throughout Europe in cultivated and waste areas. A. albus, a tumbleweed, is widespread in the western United States and has been introduced elsewhere.

      Some Amaranthus species, including A. caudatus and A. cruentus, are potential high-protein grain crops; strains are being bred for high yield and seedhead stability.

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