Alberti Family

▪ Florentine banking family
also called  Alberti Del Giudice,  

      wealthy Florentine merchant banking family that was influential in European politics in the second half of the 14th century and notable for its patronage of the arts and beneficence toward the poor.

      The ascendancy of the Alberti family began with Niccolò di Iacopo di Alberti (d. 1377), whose immense success at directing a branch of the family's bank at Avignon, Fr., then the papal seat, enabled the Alberti to become the almost exclusive banker of the papacy (1362). As codirector of the company (from 1369) and then as its director (from 1372), Niccolò steadily expanded his financial interests and increased his own and his family's wealth and influence. A strong supporter of the propapal Guelf party in Florence, he held several important public offices there, including chief magistrate, or prior (1355), and gonfalonier of justice (1363). Later he contributed to Florence's victory over the rival city of Pisa, and in a treaty in 1369 he secured free entry for Florentine ships into the port of Pisa. He built the family's magnificent Villa del Paradiso, where he protected and encouraged men of arts and letters.

      Under the leadership of Benedetto (d. 1388), the Alberti sought to check the steadily growing ascendancy of the rival Albizzi family. A Guelf leader, Benedetto encouraged and participated in a popular insurrection against the oligarchic Florentine government (July 1378). Although briefly successful, this attempt ultimately failed (1382); Benedetto was exiled several years later.

      Engaged also in struggles against the Albizzi was Antonio (1358–1415), who was prior (1384) and a leading patron of the arts. He maintained the Villa del Paradiso as a centre for artists, writers, and intellectuals before being banished in 1401.

      In 1402 the Albizzi succeeded in having all male members of the Alberti family banished. Although allowed to return to Florence in 1428, the Alberti did not recover full civic rights until after the fall of the Albizzi in 1434. The most famous of the later Alberti was Leon Battista Alberti.

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