Agrippina, Vipsania

▪ Roman patrician
also called  Agrippina the Elder 
born c. 14 BC
died Oct. 18, AD 33, the island of Pandateria [modern Ventotene Island, Italy], in the Tyrrhenian Sea

      daughter of Marcus Agrippa and Julia (who was the daughter of the emperor Augustus), and a major figure in the succession struggles in the latter part of the reign of Tiberius (ruled AD 14–37).

 Agrippina was married to Germanicus Caesar (Germanicus Julius Caesar) (great-nephew of Augustus by adoption and nephew and adopted son of Tiberius). She accompanied her husband to Germany and to the East, where he died at Antioch in 19. On her return she accused Tiberius of having had Germanicus murdered, and relations between them remained tense. Sejanus, Tiberius's chief minister, encouraged the emperor's suspicion of her for his own purposes, especially when the death of Tiberius's son Drusus in 23 brought her sons into direct line for the succession. In 29 Agrippina was exiled, and in 30 her son Drusus was imprisoned. In 33, two years after the fall of Sejanus, they both died by starvation. Tiberius was suspected of having ordered their deaths. Of her nine children by Germanicus, one son and three daughters survived her, the son becoming Tiberius's successor as the emperor Gaius Caligula (37–41). The most famous of her daughters was Julia Agrippina (Agrippina, Julia), the mother of the emperor Nero. Several fine portraits of Agrippina have been preserved, the most famous being in the Capitoline Museum, Rome.

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