absentee voting

absentee voting

      electoral process that enables persons who cannot appear at their designated polling places to vote from another location. The usual method of absentee voting is by mail, although provision is sometimes made for voting at prescribed places in advance of the polling date. Absentee voting requires special administrative arrangements to ensure the secrecy and legitimacy of the ballots cast. Within these basic provisions are variations in detail from country to country.

      In all of the western European countries, the United States, Canada, and Australia (where voting is compulsory), provisions are made for the casting of absentee votes. Because the proper use of absentee voting facilities is related to literacy, in countries where illiteracy is fairly widespread, absentee voting is either not allowed, as in Congo (Kinshsa) and Burkina Faso, or allowed only with restrictions, as in India, Malaysia, and Jamaica.

      Where qualifications for electors are not primarily geographical, the postal vote may be the normal form of voting. Such is the case in the voting for university seats in the Senate of the Republic of Ireland. In European countries in which elections are held on Sundays, persons traveling for pleasure are permitted to cast their votes at polling places other than those where they are registered, provided that they have first obtained a permit from the election officials. They must, however, cast their ballots for candidates from their own constituencies.

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