Divine ruler of the waters and their bounty, common to several Baltic and Finno-Ugric peoples traditionally dependent on fishing.

She was also responsible for promoting fertility in humans and in livestock. In appearance, she resembled a mermaid, having long hair, large breasts, and a fishlike lower body. Fishermen sacrificed to her the first of their catch and observed numerous taboos while fishing. Seeing Ved-ava generally boded misfortune, most often drowning. She has been regarded as the spirit of a drowned person or simply as a personification of the water itself.

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▪ Scandinavian deity
      among the Mordvins, the water mother, a spirit believed to rule the waters and their bounty; she is known as Vete-ema among the Estonians and Veen emo among the Finns. The water spirit belongs to a class of nature spirits common to the Finno-Ugric peoples dependent on fishing for much of their livelihood. Fishermen sacrificed to the water spirit as a personification of their concerns, gave her the first of their catch, and observed numerous taboos while fishing. Ved-ava, however, was also responsible for promoting fertility in humans and in livestock. In appearance the water mother reflected general European traditions of the mermaid: (mermaid) long hair that she may be seen combing while seated on a stone, large breasts, the lower part of the body fishlike. She can often be seen or heard playing music to entice people, but seeing Ved-ava generally bodes misfortune, most often drowning. Ved-ava has also been thought of as the spirit of a drowned person. At other times she is simply a personification of the water itself.

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