Utrillo, Maurice

born Dec. 25, 1883, Paris, Fr.
died Nov. 5, 1955, Le Vésinet

French painter.

When he became an alcoholic in his teens, his mother, the painter and model Suzanne Valadon, encouraged him to take up painting as therapy; it soon became his obsession. He had no formal artistic training and was interested primarily in reproducing what he saw as faithfully as possible. Most of his compositions depict the old, deteriorating houses and streets of the Montmartre district of Paris. His best work is that of his "white period" (с 1908–14), so called for his lavish use of zinc white in heavy layers to build up aging, cracked walls.

Impasse Cottin, oil on cardboard by Maurice Utrillo, c. 1910; in the National Museum of ...

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▪ French artist
born December 26, 1883, Paris, France
died November 5, 1955, Le Vésinet

      French painter who was noted for his depictions of the houses and streets of the Montmartre district of Paris.

      Born out of wedlock, Utrillo was the son of the model and artist Suzanne Valadon (Valadon, Suzanne). His father was not known, and he was given his name by a Spanish art critic, Miguel Utrillo. He had no instruction as an artist apart from that given by his mother, who herself was untutored. When, as an adolescent, he became an alcoholic, his mother encouraged him to take up painting as therapy. Despite his frequent relapses into alcoholism, painting became Utrillo's obsession.

      Shy and withdrawn, Utrillo painted very few portraits. He usually portrayed—often using picture postcards as sources—the deteriorating houses and streets of Montmartre, its old windmills, and its cafés and places of amusement. He was also inspired by trips to Brittany and Corsica.

 Utrillo's most highly regarded work is that of his “white period” (c. 1909–14), so called because of his lavish use of zinc white, which he sometimes mixed with plaster. In heavy, rich pigment, he depicted aging, cracked walls, sometimes covered in inscriptions. These works brought him fame and financial success. In 1924, to keep her son permanently away from the bars of Montmartre, Valadon moved with him to a château near Lyon, France.

      Utrillo was made a chevalier of the Legion of Honour in 1928. In 1935 he married Lucie Pauwels, a widow who was herself an amateur painter, and they settled in Le Vésinet, a fashionable suburb of Paris. In his later years, his painting declined sharply in originality and vigour. Utrillo was notably prolific; he produced thousands of oil paintings. First-rate paintings by Utrillo are few, but critics have linked him as a landscapist with such 18th- and 19th-century masters as Francesco Guardi (Guardi, Francesco), Hubert Robert (Robert, Hubert), and Camille Corot (Corot, Camille). Unfortunately, countless crude forgeries have interfered with his good reputation.

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