Russell family

English Whig family. It first became prominent under the Tudors, when John Russell

died 1555

was created earl of Bedford (1549) for helping suppress a rebellion against the Protestant reforms of Edward VI.

The family was connected with the Parliamentary party in the English Civil Wars. Its first notable Whig member was William, Lord Russell. Later members included John, Earl Russell, and his grandson, the philosopher Bertrand Russell.

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▪ British family
      a famous English Whig family, the senior line of which has held the title of duke of Bedford since 1694. Originating in Dorset, the family first became prominent under the Tudor sovereigns, John Russell (died 1555) being created earl of Bedford for his part in suppressing a rebellion in 1549 against the Protestant innovations of Edward VI's reign. The family was connected with the Parliamentary party in the English Civil Wars. Its first notable Whig member was Lord William Russell (son of the 1st duke of Bedford), a supporter of attempts to exclude the future king James II from the throne; he was executed for treason in 1683. Perhaps the most notable member of the family was Lord John Russell (afterward 1st Earl Russell), a proponent of schemes for reform of Parliament and twice prime minister in the mid-19th century. In the 20th century the family's most famous member was Lord John Russell's grandson, the philosopher Bertrand Russell (Russell, Bertrand) (3rd Earl Russell).

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