Rorschach, Hermann

born Nov. 8, 1884, Zürich, Switz.
died April 2, 1922, Herisau

Swiss psychiatrist.

The eldest son of an art teacher, he was given the nickname Kleck, meaning "inkblot," as a schoolboy because of his interest in sketching. After receiving his M.D. from the University of Zürich in 1912, he became a practitioner of psychoanalysis and became vice president of the Swiss Psychoanalytic Society in 1919. He devised the Rorschach test to gauge the perceptions, intelligence, and emotional traits of his patients and used it to gather the data that he summarized in Psychodiagnostics (1921).

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▪ Swiss psychiatrist
born November 8, 1884, Zürich, Switzerland
died April 2, 1922, Herisau

      Swiss psychiatrist who devised the inkblot test that bears his name and that was widely used clinically for diagnosing psychopathology.

      The eldest son of an art teacher, Rorschach considered becoming an artist but chose medicine instead. As a secondary school student, he was nicknamed Kleck, meaning “inkblot,” because of his interest in sketching. He attended several universities before receiving his M.D. from the University of Zürich in 1912. Then he worked in Russia for a year before returning to Switzerland to practice. For several years his main interest was psychoanalysis, and he became a staunch advocate of the then new psychoanalytic technique in Swiss medical circles. He was elected vice president of the Swiss Psychoanalytic Society in 1919.

      In 1917 Rorschach discovered the work of Szyman Hens, who had studied the fantasies of his subjects using inkblot cards. In 1918 Rorschach began his own experiments with 15 accidental inkblots, showing the blots to patients and asking them, “What might this be?” Their subjective responses enabled him to distinguish among his subjects on the basis of their perceptive abilities, intelligence, and emotional characteristics. The Rorschach Test is based on the human tendency to project interpretations and feelings onto ambiguous stimuli—in this case, inkblots. From these cues, trained observers are supposed to be able to pinpoint deeper personality traits and impulses in the person taking the test.

      Rorschach published the results of his studies on 300 mental patients and 100 others in Psychodiagnostik (1921; Psychodiagnostics). The book attracted little attention before Rorschach died the next year, but his method was later widely adopted as a tool for psychological evaluation and diagnosis. The test is controversial, in part because the interpretation of results can be highly subjective.

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