Gorges, Sir Ferdinando

born 1566?, probably at Wraxall, Somerset, Eng.
died 1647, Long Ashton, Gloucestershire

British colonist.

After a military career, he sought royal grants to establish settlements in North America. Believing that colonizing should be a royal endeavour, he obtained a grant in 1620 to all the land in North America between the 40th and 48th parallels. His plan to distribute the land as manors and fiefs to aristocratic members of a Council of New England was thwarted by the development of self-governing English colonies at Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, which received their charters directly from the crown. He received the charter for Maine in 1639 but was unable to effect his plan.

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▪ British colonist
born c. 1566, , probably at Wraxall, Somerset, Eng.
died 1647, Long Ashton, Gloucestershire

      British proprietary founder of Maine, who promoted, though unsuccessfully, the colonization of New England (New England, Council for) along aristocratic lines.

      After a colourful military career in his early manhood, during which he was knighted (1591), Gorges' life after 1605 was dominated by attempts to gain royal sanction for various settlement schemes in North America, although he himself never traveled there. He felt that colonizing should be a royal endeavour and that colonies should be kept under rigid control from above. In 1620 Gorges succeeded in obtaining a charter to develop the Council for New England—a proprietary grant covering the entire area in North America between the 40th and 48th parallels. He intended to distribute the land as manors and fiefs to fellow gentry who were members of the Council but was thwarted by the success of two vigorous, middle-class, self-governing English colonies founded by joint-stock companies at Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay. Since these New England settlements had received their charters directly from the crown, the Council was thus bypassed as an intermediary.

      Gorges was the recipient of several land grants during his lifetime, most importantly the charter for Maine in 1639. Although his agents set up a provincial government there, the English Civil Wars and Gorges' advancing age prevented him from fulfilling his American dream.

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