Cruveilhier, Jean

born Feb. 9, 1791, Limoges, Fr.
died March 10, 1874, Sussac

French pathologist and anatomist.

He published a series of multivolume works on the anatomy of disease. The greatest, the beautifully illustrated Pathological Anatomy of the Human Body (2 vol., 1829–42), contains the first description of multiple sclerosis, depictions of gastric ulcer, and an early account of progressive muscular atrophy.

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▪ French pathologist
born Feb. 9, 1791, Limoges, France
died March 10, 1874, Sussac

      French pathologist, anatomist, and physician who wrote several important works on pathological anatomy.

      Cruveilhier trained in medicine at the University of Montpellier and in 1825 became professor of anatomy at the University of Paris. He became the first occupant of the chair of pathology at Paris when that teaching post was established in 1836. Cruveilhier possessed a broad knowledge of morbid anatomy and published a series of multivolume works on the subject. The greatest of these, an atlas of pathology titled Anatomie pathologique du corps humain, 2 vol. (1829–42; “Pathological Anatomy of the Human Body”), had many coloured illustrations whose beauty remains unrivaled in the history of medical illustration. In the Anatomie pathologique Cruveilhier gave the first description of multiple sclerosis, depicted several cases of gastric ulcer, and left an early account of progressive muscular atrophy, which is sometimes called Cruveilhier's atrophy, or Cruveilhier's disease. His name is included in the (French) medical names for congenital cirrhosis of the liver and for stomach ulcers caused by excess acid.

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