Bicol Peninsula

Peninsula, southeastern Luzon, Philippines.

It has a lengthy coastline with large subpeninsulas. Its area is about 4,660 sq mi (12,070 sq km). It includes the Bicol Plain, a large lowland area important in rice production. It is densely populated though largely rural. It is the homeland of the Bicol, the country's fifth largest ethnolinguistic group, and it has been a stronghold of Philippine communists.

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      peninsula, southeastern Luzon, Philippines. It is irregular in form, with several deep coastal bays, large subpeninsulas, and a lengthy coastline. The peninsula has an area of about 4,660 square miles (12,070 square km). It comprises the Bicol Plain, a large lowland area important in the production of rice, and volcanic highlands. A well-watered area, it is densely populated although largely rural and agricultural. The peninsula is the homeland of the Bicol, the fifth largest ethnolinguistic group in the Philippines, whose educational and commercial centre is Naga. The peninsula has been a stronghold of Philippine communists.

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