Berain, Jean, the Elder

born Oct. 28, 1637, Saint-Mihiel, Fr.
died Jan. 24, 1711, Paris

French decorator and designer.

Trained under Charles Le Brun, he was appointed chief designer to the court of Louis XIV in 1674. He was skilled in designing tapestries, accessories, furniture, costumes, and elaborate stage settings for operas and extravagant theatrical productions; these were typically filled with fantastic iconography. He satisfied the king's appetite for splendour and inspired other cabinetmakers such as André-Charles Boulle.

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▪ French designer and painter
born October 28, 1637, Saint-Mihiel, France
died January 24, 1711, Paris
 French draftsman, engraver, painter, and designer who was called by his contemporaries the oracle of taste in all matters of decoration.

      Trained under the great French decorator Charles Le Brun, Berain was working at the Louvre when appointed, in 1674, royal designer to King Louis XIV of France. After the death of Le Brun in 1690, he was commissioned to compose and supervise the exterior decoration of Louis's ships. Skillful in adapting the work of his predecessors, he designed tapestries, accessories, furniture, costumes, and decorations for opera, court festivals, and public solemnities. His work inspired the ornamentation of rooms and furniture by other cabinetmakers, such as André-Charles Boulle (Boulle, André-Charles), whose elaborate work in etched brass and tortoiseshell marquetry owes much of its inspiration to Berain's designs. Other craftsmen followed Boulle in using Berain for their chief source, and soon he exercised enormous influence all over Europe.

      Berain satisfied Louis's passionate appetite for splendour and grand entertainment. He designed chimneypieces, drapery, ornamental mounts, andirons, faience, chandeliers, sconces, and wall panels—all filled with such fantastic iconography as flaming hearts being hammered on anvils by cupids, assorted animals integrated into florid arabesques, and similar grotesqueries. As a result of Louis's fondness for Oriental art, Berain delved into Chinese motifs, which became the height of fashion in the mid-18th century after his death. His decorative experiments during the last part of Louis's reign influenced subsequent Rococo artists in fields ranging from furniture to porcelain.

      Berain designed the stage decor for extravagant theatrical productions devised by Molière. His son Jean Berain the Younger (1678–1726), best known as an engraver, was his pupil and succeeded to his official functions. His brother Claude Berain (d. 1726?) was an engraver to the king.

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