Apple Computer Inc.

Microcomputer design and manufacturing company, the first successful personal-computer company.

It was founded in 1976 by Steven P. Jobs and Stephen G. Wozniak, whose first computer was manufactured in the Jobs family's garage. The Apple II (1977), with its plastic case and colour graphics, launched the company to success, earning Apple over $100 million by 1980, the year the company first offered stock to the public. The 1981 introduction of IBM's PC, running a Microsoft Corp. operating system, marked the beginning of long-term competition for Apple in the personal-computer market. The Macintosh, introduced in 1984, was the first personal computer to use a graphical user interface and a mouse. The "Mac" initially sold poorly, and Jobs left the company in 1985, but eventually it found its niche in the desktop publishing market. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Windows operating system eroded Apple's market share. Apple recalled Jobs in 1997. He returned the company to profitability by introducing more innovative products, such as the iMac.

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