born с 440
died c. 390 BC

Athenian orator and politician.

He went into exile (415–403 BC) after being implicated in and having informed on those responsible for the mutilation of the sacred busts of Hermes just before the Athenian expedition to Sicily. He returned after the restoration of Athenian democracy. He helped arrange a treaty with Sparta in the Corinthian War (392), but Athens rejected it and exiled him and the other ambassadors.

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▪ Greek orator and politician

born c. 440 BC
died after 391

      Athenian orator and politician.

      Born into one of the most prominent Athenian families, Andocides was imprisoned on suspicion of having taken part in the mutilation of the sacred busts called herms (herm) shortly before the departure of Athens' military expedition to Sicily in 415. These mutilations caused a general panic, and Andocides was induced to turn informer on the guilty persons. Although the historian Thucydides was not convinced that Andocides' testimony was genuine, it was accepted, and those whom he implicated were condemned to death. Andocides went into exile and returned under the general amnesty of 403, when the democracy was restored. In 400 he was tried for impiety, but he had powerful support and was acquitted. In 392, during the Corinthian War, he went with three colleagues to negotiate peace with Sparta, but Athens rejected the terms and exiled the ambassadors. Although an unsuccessful politician, Andocides had a gift for vivid narrative. Three of his speeches survive: “On His Return”; “On the Mysteries,” his defense in 400; and “On the Peace” (392).

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