wagger, n.
/wag/, v., wagged, wagging, n.
1. to move from side to side, forward and backward, or up and down, esp. rapidly and repeatedly: a dog wagging its tail.
2. to move (the tongue), as in idle or indiscreet chatter.
3. to shake (a finger) at someone, as in reproach.
4. to move or nod (the head).
5. to be moved from side to side or one way and the other, esp. rapidly and repeatedly, as the head or the tail.
6. to move constantly, esp. in idle or indiscreet chatter: Her behavior caused local tongues to wag.
7. to get along; travel; proceed: Let the world wag how it will.
8. to totter or sway.
9. Brit. Slang. to play truant; play hooky.
10. the act of wagging: a friendly wag of the tail.
11. a person given to droll, roguish, or mischievous humor; wit.
[1175-1225; ME waggen < ON vaga to sway, or vagga cradle]

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