upriser, n.
v. /up ruyz"/; n. /up"ruyz'/, v., uprose, uprisen, uprising, n.
1. to rise up; get up, as from a lying or sitting posture.
2. to rise into view: As we approached the city, the spires of tall buildings uprose as if to greet us.
3. to rise in revolt.
4. to come into existence or prominence: Many calamities uprose to plague the people during the war.
5. to move upward; mount up; ascend.
6. to come above the horizon.
7. to slope upward: The land uprises from the river to the hills.
8. to swell or grow, as a sound: A blare of trumpets uprose to salute the king.
9. an act of rising up.
[1250-1300; ME uprisen. See UP-, RISE]

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