triphenylmethane dye

any of a great number of dyes, as gentian violet, fuchsin, and rosaniline, produced from triphenylmethane by replacement of the ring hydrogen atoms with hydroxy, amino, sulfo, or other atoms or groups.

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      any member of a group of extremely brilliant and intensely coloured synthetic organic dyes having molecular structures based upon that of the hydrocarbon triphenylmethane. They have poor resistance to light and to chemical bleaches and are used chiefly in copying papers, in hectograph and printing inks, and in textile applications for which lightfastness is not an important requirement.

      The triphenylmethane derivatives are among the oldest man-made dyes, a practical process for the manufacture of fuchsine having been developed in 1859. Several other members of the class were discovered before their chemical constitutions were fully understood. Crystal violet, the most important of the group, was introduced in 1883.

      The range of colours is not complete but includes reds, violets, blues, and greens. They are applied by various techniques, but most belong to the basic class, which are adsorbed from solution by silk or wool, but have little affinity for cotton unless it has been treated with a mordant such as tannin.

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