/tip"it/, n.
1. a scarf, usually of fur or wool, for covering the neck, or the neck and shoulders, and usually having ends hanging down in front. Cf. stole2 (def. 2).
2. Eccles. a band of silk or the like worn around the neck with the ends pendent in front. Cf. stole2 (def. 1).
3. a long, narrow, pendent part of a hood, sleeve, etc.
4. Angling.
a. a short length of gut, nylon, or the like, for tying an artificial fly to the leader.
b. a branch of the shaft of a bird feather, serving as the tail of an artificial fly.
[1250-1300; ME; see TIP1, -ET]

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      long, narrow, cloth streamer, usually white, worn around the arm above the elbow, with the long end hanging down to the knee or to the ground. These graceful tippets, worn in the late 14th century by both men and women, developed out of the long flaps created by the narrow 14th-century sleeve.

      In the 15th century, the designation tippet came to signify a long streamer (also called liripipe) extending from a hat or hood. Tippet may also refer to an 18th-century capelike or scarflike garment worn around the neck and hanging down in front; this tippet could be made of gauze, crepe, lace, velvet, fur, or feathers. Finally, tippet refers to a long black scarf worn over the robe by Anglican and Episcopal clergymen. It is made of silk if the wearer holds a master's or doctor's degree; otherwise it is made of wool or worsted fabric.

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