/tom"euhs/ for 1, 2, 4-14; /taw mah"/ for 3, n.
1. an apostle who demanded proof of Christ's Resurrection. John 20:24-29.
2. Augustus, 1857-1934, U.S. playwright, journalist, and actor.
3. (Charles Louis) Ambroise /shannrddl lwee ahonn brddwannz"/, 1811-96, French composer.
4. Clarence, born 1948, U.S. jurist: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court since 1991.
5. Dylan (Marlais) /dil"euhn mahr"lay/, 1914-53, Welsh poet and short-story writer.
6. George Henry, 1816-70, Union general in the U.S. Civil War.
7. John, 1724-76, American physician and general in the American Revolution.
8. Lowell (Jackson), 1892-1981, U.S. newscaster, world traveler, and writer.
9. Martha Carey, 1857-1935, U.S. educator and women's-rights advocate.
10. Norman (Mattoon) /meuh toohn"/, 1884-1968, U.S. socialist leader and political writer.
11. Seth, 1785-1859, U.S. clock designer and manufacturer.
12. Theodore, 1835-1905, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in Germany.
13. William Isaac, 1863-1947, U.S. sociologist.
15. a male given name: from an Aramaic word meaning "twin."

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(as used in expressions)
Adès Thomas
Affleck Thomas
Aldrich Thomas Bailey
Allbutt Sir Thomas Clifford
Aquinas Saint Thomas
Arne Thomas Augustine
Arnold Thomas
Bayard Thomas Francis
Becket Saint Thomas
Beecham Sir Thomas
James Thomas Bell
Benton Thomas Hart
Bewick Thomas
Blanchard Thomas
Booth Edwin Thomas
Boulsover Thomas
Bowdler Thomas
Bradley Thomas
Browne Sir Thomas
Cardigan James Thomas Brudenell 7th earl of
Carlyle Thomas
Cech Thomas Robert
Chatterton Thomas
Chippendale Thomas
Thomas Clancy
Thomas Campbell
Cole Thomas
Thomas Connery
Conway Thomas
Cook Thomas
Cosgrave William Thomas
Cranmer Thomas
Cromwell Thomas earl of Essex
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
de Colmar Charles Xavier Thomas
De La Warr Thomas West 12th Baron
De Quincey Thomas
Dewey Thomas Edmund
Dongan Thomas 2nd earl of Limerick
Dorr Thomas Wilson
Dorsey Thomas Andrew
Thomas Dorsey
Thomas Clement Douglas
Eakins Thomas
Edison Thomas Alva
Eliot Thomas Stearns
Erskine of Restormel Thomas Erskine 1st Baron
Fairfax of Cameron Thomas Fairfax 3rd Baron
Farrell James Thomas
Gaddis William Thomas
Gainsborough Thomas
Gallaudet Thomas Hopkins
Germain Thomas
Gray Thomas
Haliburton Thomas Chandler
Hardy Thomas
Hendricks Thomas Andrews
Hobbes Thomas
Hooker Thomas
Hutchinson Thomas
Huxley Thomas Henry
Jackson Charles Thomas
Jefferson Thomas
Kuhn Thomas Samuel
Kyd Thomas
Lawrence Thomas Edward
Linacre Thomas
Lipton Sir Thomas Johnstone
Littleton Sir Thomas
Lombardi Vincent Thomas
Macaulay Thomas Babington Baron Macaulay of Rothley
Macdonough Thomas
Malory Sir Thomas
Malthus Thomas Robert
Mann Thomas
Marshall Thomas Riley
Thomas Joseph Mboya
Merton Thomas
Middleton Thomas
Midgley Thomas Jr.
John Thomas Miner
Thomas Hezikiah Mix
Moore Thomas
More Saint Thomas
Morgan Thomas Hunt
Morley Thomas
Mudge Thomas
Muggeridge Malcolm Thomas
Müntzer Thomas
Thomas Munzer
Nashe Thomas
Nast Thomas
Newcastle under Lyme Thomas Pelham Holles 1st duke of
Newcomen Thomas
Norfolk Thomas Howard 2nd duke of
Norfolk Thomas Howard 3rd duke of
Norfolk Thomas Howard 4th duke of
Otway Thomas
Paine Thomas
Peacock Thomas Love
Pendergast Thomas Joseph
Pinckney Thomas
Pride Sir Thomas
Pynchon Thomas
Quiller Couch Sir Arthur Thomas
Raffles Sir Thomas Stamford
Rapier James Thomas
Reed Thomas Brackett
Reid Thomas
Rietveld Gerrit Thomas
Rowlandson Thomas
Rymer Thomas
Sackville Thomas 1st earl of Dorset
Sampson William Thomas
Shadwell Thomas
Sheraton Thomas
Sopwith Sir Thomas Octave Murdoch
Southampton Thomas Wriothesley 1st earl of
Staubach Roger Thomas
Strafford Thomas Wentworth 1st earl of
William Thomas Strayhorn
Suffolk Thomas Howard 1st earl of
Sumter Thomas
Sydenham Thomas
Tallis Thomas
Telford Thomas
Thomas Hemerken
Thomas Clarence
Thomas Dylan Marlais
Thomas George Henry
Thomas Helen
Thomas Isiah Lord III
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lowell Jackson
Thomas Norman Mattoon
Thomas Saint
Tompion Thomas
Traherne Thomas
Thomas Wright Waller
Watson Thomas John Sr.
Thomas Sturges Watson
Weelkes Thomas
Weller Thomas Huckle
Thomas Lanier Williams
Wilson Thomas Woodrow
Wolfe Thomas Clayton
Wolsey Thomas Cardinal
Wyat Thomas
Sir Thomas
Thomas Wyatt
Young Thomas
Shaughnessy of Montreal and Ashford Thomas George Shaughnessy 1st Baron

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